The best DJs started out with a passion for the instruments that created the music on the records they spin; Sam French practiced his chops on the guitar and saxophone in the Jazz discipline before receiving turntables on his 16th birthday. Rifling through his parents’ vinyl collection, he utilized the melodies and nuances of music greats like Bowie and Ray Charles to hone his craft, which was at that time heavily influenced by the “battle-style” vein of DJing. At age 17 Sam was introduced to club DJing. The mixing of genres, known as open format DJing, exposed the young disc-jockey to the limitless possibilities of moving a crowd. Sam French set about securing work at the house parties of his friends and snuck into clubs whenever possible to get a taste of nightlife.

With a vast but growing knowledge of music, Sam worked to find the balance in his mixing, between Biggie and the Clash for instance, and he soon found his lane and gained the trust of his young crowds, building a reputation that would carry him until the day he could legally step into a nightclub. At just age 28, Sam French has already performed with a slew of today’s marquis DJs, working at hot spots such as 1OAK, Up & Down, and TAO, as well as high profile events for the likes of Sting and MTV and celebrity weddings in Europe, South American, the Carribean and the US. Graduated from Columbia University in East Asian Languages and Cultures, Sam spends most days working on developing artists, writers and music production/videos.